Down Memory Lane

Seth Byramjee Jeejeebhoy

In 1890, the Honourable Seth Byramjee Jeejeebhoy C.S.I. (1822-1890) created a trust with the main objective of establishing a school, for the less fortunate Parsee boys setting aside a munificent sum of Rs. 3,50,000.



The school was formally inaugurated on 12th September 1891, the First Death Anniversary of the founder, by Seth Rustomjee Byramjee Jeejeebhoy (1864-1922), the First Chairman of the board of Trustees. At that time, it was housed in a hired building on Queen’s Road, opposite to Marine Lines Railway station, and had only primary and middle school sections. Boys from the Parsee community were admitted to the school


Charni Road Railway Station

In 1908 the School was shifted to the present palatial premises opposite Charni Road Railway Station, built at cost of Rs. 4,50,000. At the turn of the century, special commercial classes were instituted.

The classes continued for nearly 30 years and were temporarily suspended to be revived once again in 1964.


Board of Trustees

Since 1954 , the institution has grown into multipurpose High School, providing academic, commercial, and technical education to suit the ability aptitude and interest of every student.
The Byramjee Jeejeebhoy Parsee Charitable Institution is managed by the Board of Trustees. The Trustees are Mr. Rustom N.B.jeejeebhoy , Mr. Rohinton C. Padder, Mr. Byram R. jeejeebhoy and Mr. Jamshed B. Jeejeebhoy.The Trustees work in an honorary capacity and are responsible for the recruitment of teachers and staff. They also oversee Institution’s administration , do the budgets and its finances, undertake the distribution of scholarships and plan for this magnificent institution. The school became co-educational in1972 and started its Higher Secondary course in Commerce and Science in 1975 and 1978 respectively. In 1985 the Institution began to admit students of all religions. In 1989 Electronics was introduced


Computer Education

In 1991, Computer Education was also introduced. In 2011, the Nursery Section was added to the Institution.



Mathematic and IT subjects were introduced in the Commerce field in 2016 and 2019 respectively keeing in mind the evergrowing needs of the student community amid the changes in the educational landscape

2023 - 2024


The Institution went through ‘METAMORPHOSIS’ in administrative set up as well as the infrastructure in the year 2023 – 2024. The B.J.P.C. Institution strives to build academic rigour and critical thinking skills in students, elevating faculty standard, and holistic development of students.
A new addition to the Pre- Primary Section is the ‘KIDS KASTLE PLAYGROUP ‘a haven for learning for the tiny tots.

Principal’s Message

( Pre- primary, Primary and middle school )

Welcome on board!
If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. I have always believed in this adage and it is a delight for me to steer the wheel of The B.J.P.C.I. ship. The modern day context has drastically changed the scene of education. The consumer is spoilt for choice! On one hand, we had the gurukul system with one teacher and a few students, whereas in the 21st century there are multiple boards to choose from most of the time, leaving parents in a dilemma.

At its core, The B.J.P.C.Institution has kept its uniqueness for decades with its vibrant, diverse and exciting culture. A place which pulsates with visceral energy of its students, coupled with a collaborative community striving to make a difference.
The palatial building rooted in the bedrock values of love, compassion and generosity of its founder, stands tall in the heart of the city with thousands of students having walked out of its portal and made success. Our school has a blend of conventional and contemporary, which complements our effervescent school community.
The dedicated faculty and super talented student body lends B.J.P.C.I its distinct characteristics.The school is a breeding ground for a spirit of discovery, creativity and innovation. There are opportunities for self exploration in an environment of freedom and joy. Our mission is to delve deep into realms of self enquiry in order to achieve the highest truest version of oneself. Driven by sheer determination and the willingness to take calculated risks, we strive to metamorphose from a Caterpillar to a Butterfly. In our fast-paced and often chaotic world, finding one’s ikigai can be a transformative journey which
requires self-reflection, introspection, and courage to explore different avenues. It is about finding a purpose beyond personal gratification. Our school creates an atmosphere of stepping out of one’s comfort zone and considering the activities that truly resonate with one’s soul. With a Board of Trustees who are committed to the potential to change lives
and shape futures, our mission together is to nurture not only academic growth but also personal development. We aspire to create an environment conducive to learning, with well- equipped classrooms and essential amenities. Learning takes multiple forms at The B.J.P.C.I and goes beyond the pages of the textbooks, where individual interests are taken into consideration in cultivating the Head and Heart.
We believe that education is a right of every child and there is no contradiction between the global and local, and between moving forward with a modern outlook at the same time preserving our tradition. The true essence is embracing change, for it is the only constant.
Thanks for navigating!
Daisy Zohrabi
Pre Primary, Primary, Middle School

Principal’s Message

(Secondary and higher secondary)

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”… Nelson Mandela  Welcome all to the website of The BJPC Institution and junior College-Mumbai.
Ours is a grand old Institution located at South Mumbai. It was established in the year 1891 as a fruition of the dream of a noble soul Seth Byramjee Jeejeebhoy C.S.I. I take great pride and honor to be the Principal of such a reputed school for std IX-X and Junior College (Science and Commerce).
With a state of art building which received the heritage award in the year 1993, our institution believes in imparting quality education enabling the child to be the leader of his or her own life.

Catering to students in the age group of 14-18 years, where students have many questions and doubts about their lives, where they have to make important career decisions, our Senior School and Junior College furnishes them with a platform for enhancement of their various skills like in leadership, co-curricular activities ,working with their peer, finding solution to their problems, competetivness. We conduct workshops and organize sessions for various professional courses
which thereby help them to make right choices for their future.

Our ever encouraging set of Trustees are a blessing to us. They are always supportive of our plans and suggestions, which enables us to bring about a positive change in our staff and students. It is with their steadfast support that we are able to march forward towards great success. The accomplishment of our students in being successful doctors, engineers, scientists, architects, professors, renowned chefs, entrepreneurs, actors who have made a name for themselves is a testament that our management is the bulwark to this grand institution.
The efficient and compassionate staff members of our School and Junior College believe that education is a tool to bring about social transformation. Thus, they don’t just focus on academic excellence but believe in instilling discipline in our students and stressing on their moral integrity and metacognition development.
Very few schools have as strong a setup of ex-students as ours. Our Institution is blessed with a team of The Alumni Association who always lend us their support in improving academic performance and co-curricular results of our present students.Every individual who belongs to The BJPC Institution believes in the motto of our school
”VIRTUOUSLY AND LABORIOUSLY”, where honesty, hard work, striving for excellence, high ethics are the guiding principles of our lives.
Being the Principal of this magnanimous institution I assure everyone that our School and Junior College cares for the overall development of each and every student. We believe in building their future and giving them opportunities which will make them great citizens of this country and eventually of the world. In the words of our former President Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam – “ All of us don’t have equal talent. But, all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents” and we at The BJPC Institution strive to give all possible opportunities to each of our pupils thereby helping them to manoeuver through their lives.
My sincere gratitude to all the stakeholders of The BJPC Institution and Junior College, i.e. the Management, Staff, Parents and Students for keeping your trust and belief in our school. Let’s make our institution a beacon of light in the field of education.
Wishing all our students a happy and successful journey of learning and a prosperous future.
Vandana Nambiar

From The Coordinator’s Desk

Our world is a treasure trove of history, culture, and beauty. One of the most tangible ways we connect with our past is through the preservation of our culture, knowledge and the monuments. As the future caretakers of our planet, it is our responsibility to protect and cherish it. The legacy we leave for future generations depends on our actions today. By taking care of our culture, knowledge and old monuments, you are ensuring that the history and culture they represent will continue to inspire and enrich the lives of people for many years to come.

I am proud to announce that here at The B.J.P.C. Institution, we are committed to nurturing not only your academic excellence but also your holistic development. We firmly believe that you are the architects of the future, and it is our responsibility to equip you with the skills and values necessary to become exemplary citizens.
As you continue your journey at The B.J.P.C. Institution, I encourage you to take advantage of the myriad opportunities available to you. Embrace new experiences, challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone, and seize every chance to learn and grow.
Together, we are shaping a future generation of leaders, innovators, and compassionate individuals who will make a positive impact on the world. Thank you for being part of our community, and I look forward to witnessing your continued growth and success.
Vaishali Mhatre


Sitting (L-R)
Mrs. Rupali Danawale (SSC, Art Masters), Ms. Reshma Sayed (M.A., B.Ed.), Mrs. Premila Almeida (B.A., E.C.C.E.), Mrs. Vaishali Mhatre (M.Sc., B.Ed., DSM, PGDGC, SET), Mrs. Daisy Zohrabi (M.A., B.Ed.), Mrs. Vandana Nambiar (M.Sc., B.Ed.), Mrs. Neelam Mishra (M.A., B.Ed.), Mr. Shrikant Jinde (B.A., M.Lib. Sci).

Standing (First Row, L-R)
Mr. Rohith Chandan (B.Com., M.P.Ed.), Ms. Vaishali Pawar (B.Com., NIIT Diploma in Computers), Ms. Bindhu Nair (M.Sc., B.Ed.), Ms.Anshu Mali (M.Sc.), Mrs. Zambi Bacha (B.A., DECC Ed., Girls Guide Captain), Mrs. Jenifer Almeida (M.Com., B.Ed.), Ms. Pritee Rathod (M.A., B.Ed.), Mrs.Delna Vasa (B.A., B.Ed.), Mrs. Sunita Yellala (H.S.C.), Mrs. Kainaz Buhariwala (B.A., DECCE), Ms. Basheera Shaikh (S.S.C., D.P.Ed.).

Standing (Second Row, L-R)
Mr. Abhishek Singh (M.Sc.), Mr. Aklesh Jaiswar (M.Sc., B.Ed., CTET, UPTET, Ph.D(PET), D. Pharmacy), Mrs. Shabnam Shaikh (M.A., B.Ed.), Mrs. Swati Raichura (M.Sc., B.Ed.), Mrs. Vandana Singh (M.Sc., B.Ed.), Ms. Pearl Luckdy (M.Com., B.Ed., CTET), Ms. Siddhi Gaikwad (M.Com.), Mrs.Geeta Bhoir (B.Com., DECC Ed, Girls Guide Captain), Ms. Trupti Raut (B.Com., Diploma in Yoga and Gymnasium), Ms. Meghna Kapadia (B.A., E.C.C.E.), Ms. Caroline Tuscano (B.A., D.EL.ED), Mr. Aman Chaurasia (M.Com.), Mr. Prathamesh Salekar (M.A., B.Ed.).

Non Teaching Staff

Our Work Force